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You're just dealing with profoundly deep feelings that you don't know how to change.I've been helping people overcome sex addiction since 1983 and I'm still learning every day. Anyone willing to be honest about his or her addiction and willing to put in effort can do it.Here are a few typical ways a sexually addicted person is advised to repress his addictive desires: Stay away from the Internet.Don't read anything or watch movies that might be sexually stimulating.HALT stands for "Don't get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired." In other words, don't be a human being.Approached correctly any sex addiction can be overcome no matter how hungry, tired, angry, lonely, stressed or depressed you might be.

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If you've felt that you're worthless because you didn't succeed at overcoming a sex addiction, you're mistaken. Success in overcoming sex addiction depends on three factors.

Failure occurs when any one of these three factors are not properly developed. Honesty Most sexually addicted people lie to themselves and/or their partner about their sexually addictive activities.

You can develop the honesty it takes to break free.

I also know that you will encounter difficulty in getting control of your sexually addictive behaviors.

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