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In the sense of classical music it is termed "tali" and "khali".It is one of the main qawali instrument used by Sufi musicians of Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.The playing technique is complex and involves extensive use of the fingers and palms in various configurations to create a wide variety of different sounds and rhythms, reflected in mnemonic syllables (bol).

This version states that this musical instrument acquired a new Arabic name during the Islamic rule, but it is an evolution of the ancient Indian puskara drums.The evidence of the hand held puskara is founded in many temple carvings, such as at the 6th and 7th century Muktesvara and Bhuvaneswara temples in India.The textual evidence for similar material and methods of construction as tabla comes from Sanskrit texts.A type of small Indian drums, along with many other musical instruments, are also mentioned in Tibetan and Chinese memoirs written by Buddhist monks who visited the Indian subcontinent in the 1st millennium CE.The pushkala are called rdzogs pa (pronounced dzokpa) in Tibetan literature.

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