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No surprise, really; the chain belonged to Lou Katz, enforcer for Roy Cohn and alleged killer of at least one of his own boyfriends.The Townhouse is still there, although its restaurant has closed.antsy rent boys used to circle the bar like sharks, among the tire kicking looky-lou johns.

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The Uncle Charlie's on 37th was involved in the Bronfman kidnapping.

I was pretty much closeted and had never even kissed a guy, but I remember the exhilirating sense of freedom and liberation (I know... It's where I met the guy with whom I had my first kiss, first date and first same sex encounter. That place skeeved me out just from the outside, and I never set foot in there.

It seems so long ago, but the memories are still vivid. I remember hearing they had great hamburgers there, but that wasn't enough motivation to get me in there.

The number of people walking between the two seemed as though it would justify chartering a shuttle bus. I know there a bunch now in Jackson Heights/Astoria, but what about the ones that used to be in Forest Hills & Kew Gardens? I ran into two guys from my gym who danced there: one a personal trainer and the other a really cute Brazilian guy I'd had a crush on.

When one graduated from the Regent East, which happened very, very late in life, one could move on to the GH Club, way over East on 53rd. Fun just to be a voyeur and watch the trade interacting with potential customers. Kellers- on West Street, was fun on Sunday afternoons saw Mapplethorpe hang out in a corner, and met a guy I saw in the documentary Word is Out. 50-something and 3rd, where a friend and I used to go to try to get johns.

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