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Jaccb and Cader are mentioned in the store accounts of a Judge Graham in the early years of I800's. This is the year Pittsylvania was formed from Halifax County. Jacob was living at the home of his brother George in September, 1859, according to a letter from George to Theophilus in Oregon. Our first reference to CORNELIOUS is in the first list of tithables of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, in 1767. William Cline, the third son, married Hanna Clevenger, dau. Hanna and William lived at what is now Glen Alum, W.

Powell John Powell was the original settler of Norfolk County, Virginia — an ancient planter and Burgess in 1632. George mentioned in the letter that "our brothers in Ohio" were well, so the ones unaccounted for could have gone there. We don't know who the father of Cornelious was, but there was a James Roberts in the same tax list. ca 1770 in Va., married Shadrack Monk in Russell Co., Va., prior to 1790. Powell— "Johnny W." according to his granddaughter, Gladys Swartz. Clara Roberts Hopgood, late of Tacoma, Washington Mrs. The Roberts family that I trace, herein, is not outstanding, but it is a strong-minded American family that has weathered all of the material troubles from before the Revolution, and is still managing to "keep on keeping on." I 'm proud to be one of them. Margaretta, married Courtney The 1870 Pike County Census includes the family of John W. This Peter (Harper) Cline was son of Michael Cline, a brother of Peter Cline, Sr; David Cline, born 1825, married Nancy Patrick; Cathryn, born 1826, married Jacob Hatfield, son of Val- entine Hatfield, who was the half brother of Thomas Smith; Humphrey Cline, born 1829, married Amanda Franette; Martha Cline, born 1832, married James Adams; Dicy Cline, born 1833, married Elisha Carter; Jane Cline, born 1834, married Peter Morgan; Margaret Cline, born 1836, married Mark Canady; Sarah Cline, born 1839, died as a young woman but was not *From The East Kentuckian, Vol. Veitschegger In Memory of my Mother, Virginia Leola Roberts Veitschegger Many people have helped me in preparing this material, some of whom were: Mrs. There is a larger perspective which we need to grasp, to be satisfied with our place in space and time. John married Katherine , who was born in the I600's. She married in I658, 2nd William Ellis Sr., by whom she had two sons, Philip and William Ellis Jr., died I670, and Elizabeth married 3rd John Ferrabee. Richard Powell I left a will, but it has been lost. Francis (probably) of Nansemond County, Virginia 5. The conjunction of the two names seems to be found only in the family of George Powell and that of Lewis Conner. Although the third daughter of Lewis Conner might have been Ann Powell, it has been found that the names Lewis and Cader also appear in the Jenkins family of Nansemond County, Virginia (who were connected with the Conners), so Ann Powell might have been a Jenkins. Henry Jenkins was a rather prominent man in the lower Parish of Nansemond County, and represented Nansemond in the House of Burgesses. There is no further information regarding the children of Cader Powell, but it is not improbable that Nelson Powell and his brother Benjamin Powell of Wilkes County, Georgia, were his sons (Silas Lucas) ). In I773, Cader's parents Moses and Mary Williams Powell (married prior to 1751) moved with their family, including Cader, who was already married at that time, to Wilkes County, Georgia. Nathaniel Green (Authority: Ga.'s Roster of the Revolution). His wife, Francis Foote, is said to have been a cousin of George Washington. After the birth of two children, Mary and Isaac, the family left for Oregon, leaving St. In" I847, Allen's sons David, Jackson, John, and William followed their uncle Theophilus to Oregon. The letter to Theophilus from George, dated September I859 contained the information that his mother died on the 25th of June I857. Powell's letter to Theophilus, dated July 20, I857, stated that she had died on June 20th or 25th. Elkins, Frances Foote Powell lived to be 96 and was blind the last 40 years. The 1850 Pike County Census lists a Hannah Anderson, age 27, married to a Charles Anderson. The I822— 65 marriage lists record a Hannah White, daughter of Osborn, widow of White, married to a Charles Anderson on 5— 17-42. Louisa or Lavena Jane Powell, born 5—15—1837, married William E. (There is a will in Granville County, North Carolina, of Sam Benton, witnessed by a Joseph Roberts, 17 January, 1773. Thomas Hart Benton's father was named Jesse Benton, and T. He entered land, which part of the will directed should be divided among his three sons, Richard (the eldest), William, and John. William Powell, born about I847 Richard Powell II, born I645, died I673. George Powell, born about I694 in Norfolk County, Virginia, died in Bertie County, N. Issue of George Powell (born about I694, died I736) and Ann: 6. Moses last appeared in Wilkes County in I789 when he deeded property to his two younger sons, Moses and Benjamin. Joseph, Missouri on April 8, 1845, under command of Captain Solomon Tetherow— later, under the command of Captain English. William died on the plains; David took up a homestead near Portland, on the Columbia River; and John located near David. (She was 94, according to the census.) Miles Childress was probably the son of Frances Powell and Pleasant Childress grandson of Allen. Two other children living at this time in homes not their own were Mary Childress, age 16, living with James and Martha Hamilton, and Harvey Childress, age 21, living with Martin and Elizabeth Fulkerson. The marriage records list the marriage of George Powell to Hannah Anderson, 10— 27—1853. Within recent times a George Powell was.a well— known preacher from the Ashcamp area, where Hannah Powell and her children lived in I870. H.'s brothers were Jesse, Jr., Nathaniel, and Samuel, and sisters Polly and Susannah.) 62 63 When Botetourt County, Virginia, was formed in 1770 from Augusta County, the first list of tithables taken 1770—1771 showed on William Herbert's list (Part of Wythe and possibly Grayson and Carroll Counties) Neall Roberts with one tithable, and William Roberts, and Moses Damron.

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