Dating an older man set in his ways

What I was trying to explore was how some people use the "too set in his ways" label to basically describe someone they think they can't change. In other words, it's more a reflection of the person applying the label than the person who it's being applied to. To me, someone that is too set in their ways implies that they are unwilling to compromise.And a lot of a good relationship is the ability to meet your partner 1/2 way. And if one person is doing all the adjusting, while the other is refusing to (being too set in their ways) - that won't work.It means that one does not immediately dismiss new ideas, but evulates them on their own merits.Part of being human is having a sense of self and owning oneself, so if something does not jive with one's being, then why embrace it?

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I don't think saying that someone is set in his ways means that you can't change him to how you want.

Why would a fully self-sufficient, mentally healthy person allow themselves to compromise? Is the idea that you have to REDUCE yourself in order to enjoy a relationship?

When I was 50, shortly after my late wife died, a close lady-friend of mine told me that I should wait a year or two before I considered remarrying, but that I shouldn't wait too long because women see older single guys as too set in their ways to be good marriage prospects.

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