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Finally, the ending lines that the MC had said summed up everything that happened in this 16episode series, and also in the hearts of the viewers: "Because we survived... As I said, nothing...never ever has a drama/movie/book or anything affected me this way. it's constant story from episode 1 until 16, yet still manage to keep you on your seat because you want to see the characters grow and change.

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I want to write more and more but my words have fallen shorten to write about this drama. Best couple award goes to Woo Jin Ah and Lee Jun Ho Shi. I can take full responsibility in telling you that you won't be disappointed. This outstanding drama is engaging in every way: direction, screen play , impressive acting, photography, music.I really love the content and to the cast who worked heartedly to portray this super cool drama, thumbs up? To the writer, that's an amazing concept u shared to the viewers, I love u all guys I would like to express my love to the beautiful story of Just Between Lovers.From the plot, to the characters, to the breathtaking cinematography and heart tugging soundtrack, this drama is by far one of the best but least appreciated Kdrama I've ever watched.Quite possibly the greatest kdrama I've ever had the opportunity to stumble across.The intricate writing, beautiful plot and heart warming acting have left a very heavy and lasting impact on my mind.

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