Dating weekend away

If you have totally different tastes — like he wants to go bungee jumping and you want to sit on the beach — he may not be the one for you, unless you're both happy having time to do your own things.Whatever happens, don't pretend to be into doing something you're not up for! Should you have a discussion about who should pay for what before you agree to the trip?So if he hasn't agreed to monogamy and you still want to go away with him, tell him you are going to draw the line at second or third base. But my company specializes in coaching single women trying to find "the one" — so this advice might not apply if you are just looking for fun.Should you avoid any kind of trip that's too intense or potentially disaster-ridden — like camping or extreme sports — for your first time out? As long as it's something you want to do, any vacation should be fine.A long weekend is a crash course in finding out how you really feel about each other. " Being with each other 24/7 will give you a better sense of each other's habits — the good ones and the bad ones.You'll have to ask for "down" time and share it with each other.Discuss the sex issue before you agree to the trip.I personally wouldn't go away with anyone unless I knew he was dating me exclusively — and unless we'd already had very good sex.

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Discussing it beforehand is always less awkward than talking about it when it's time to throw down a credit card.

And if you're with someone who can afford the trip and wants to pay for it, it's fine to let him. Though I think it's nice to offer to buy some little things — like lunch or drinks — or to pay for gas.

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From Glasgow to London, dating is everywhere, from trains and buses to ATM queues.

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