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They confirmed: Apparently the actress celebrated her 30th birthday without her former lover, which should've been a clear indicator that there was something wrong in their relationship!But there's no need to worry if these two are heartbroken.If you watched, Academy Award Winning movie Slum Dog Millionaire, you will be the familiar with the name Freida Pinto and Dev Patel.Dev and Frieda recently hit the news when they broke up in 2014 both the recently again got the news when she finally revealed the reason for their split.' Or, ' No, this just can't be' - the denial of it. "Running away from it is not going to help you find your answers.

“Everybody keeps on shouting ‘slumdog’ when I walk down the street,” he says. [That movie] was such an amazing experience and just a blessing.” His label may change given the actor’s latest project, starring in M. All my local school friends are walking distance from my house.” “Sometimes I just need to go home to be normal,” he says.Night Shyamalan’s action-fantasy , which opens Thursday. “Every free time I get, Mum tells me I better get back home and eat some of her food,” he says. But the Hollywood lifestyle hasn’t caught up to Patel who still loves going back to the U. The actress, who broke up with her longtime boyfriend Dev Patel last year, is now dating pro polo player Ronnie Bacardi.The two were spotted kissing in Beverly Hills last week.

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