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Regionalism: Meaning Regionalism is a feeling or an ideology among a section of people residing in a particular geographical space characterized by unique language, culture etc., that they are the sons of the soil and every opportunity in their land must be given to them first but not to the outsiders. In most of the cases it is raised for expedient political gains but not necessarily.

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Today, Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh is renamed as Potti Sriramulu.Finally, the movement for some time focused on seceding from India to carve out their own Dravidastan or Dravida Nadu.The movement slowly declined and today they have become prominent regional parties after many splits and factionalism. In Maharashtra Shiv Sena against Kannadigas in the name of Marathi pride and recently MNS activists against Biharis; in Punjab against non-Punjabis that gave rise to Khalistan Movement and earlier Akali Movement; in Andhra, Telangana Movement with an aim of separate state; in Assam ULFA militants against migrant Biharis and Bengalis; in North-East against other Indians.Today regional parties define how the governments are formed and conducted both at the Centre and the state level.Indeed it is a good development as some political entities such as RJD, BSP, LJP, DMK, AIADMK, BJD have to some extent represented those people who were neglected in the political process for a long time.

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