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Families were out enjoying themselves even late at night, and many families had hand crafted gifts for sale.When we could not locate a restaurant or lavanderia, getting help with directions was fairly easy.At no point during my travels did I ever feel unsafe.To the contrary, I was surprised at how safe it was and how relaxed the atmosphere felt.It has to be mentioned that I did not wander into the deep neighborhoods of the outskirts looking for drugs or weapons.😉 And regardless of where you are traveling one should be aware, cautious, prepared and use some common sense!The people were so warm and friendly, and everyone was so helpful.I think the kindness shown to us by so many Mexicans we encountered set an example that all the rest of us could follow.

We slept in six different towns and cities and we covered a distance of around 2000 kilometers (1200 miles) from the starting point, Playa del Carmen, to the ending point, Oaxaca.I have really enjoyed my time, 20 days so far, in Mexico.I must stress that never have I felt unsafe during my stay.I’ve already been asked several times since my return if anything dangerous had happened.It just goes to show the level of propaganda people take so seriously is hugely misleading.

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