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What all do you think is the best Mass Gainer powder out there? Basically what Smitty said, however the brand of protein doesn't matter that much. Protein whole foods (fruit, peanut butter, oats especially steel cut oats, whole milk or whatever you want) You are easily able to control your macros and you will get more out of it for cheaper than pounding down weight gainer shakes. MAN Sports Lead Rep Disclaimer: The statement above reflects that of my own opinion & in no way that of MAN Sports.

cytogainer tastes great but its mostly maltodextrin i think MHP up your mass tastes good and has great carb sources which is what you should look at in a gainer, as they are mostly loaded with cheap carbs to "up the calories" they will throw fancy carb names in there to throw you off but in the end thats what they are IMO Employed RN 7/13/12 2 years! Reps should be given for helpful posts, good causes, good logs/reviews.

Point being: I don't have to be living proof that ****in* science works. Also oats and peanut butter taste amazing with milk/protein.so technically if i kept it id be up in the 190's lol The oats where like trying to swallow mortar after awhile for me. He's gaining at a pound a week....sounds like a good clean slow bulk to me.But I put on some serious weight/mass with that blend too, easily as compared to some of the weight gainers I've tried. Isn't that what most people aim for anyways who still want to stay relatively lean and bulk?I was simply pointing out the irony of someone who clear doesn't know much about putting on weight recommending a "weight gainer".I could know all there is to know about Mark's Starting Strength, and only bench 120 3x5. You'll see everyone saying Up Your Mass, Serious Gains, Universal Real Gains, and Cytosport are ALWAYS the most praised. After food, self-made shakes will always come second. I posted my opinion based on the hours I've spent researching it. I was simply pointing out the irony of someone who clearly doesn't know much about putting on weight recommending a "weight gainer".

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