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A large, soft-looking man in a suit is sitting near the soda dispensers, fiddling with his phone.Brady and G-Man walk over to his table, avoiding eye contact until the last possible second.Back in the day, used to be the head honcho among job sites Philippines.

I’m still fond of seeing ‘Lina’ (job alerts auto-emailer) in my inbox with a fresh list of jobs to submit to.

He asked for a photo, according to Kat, so she sent him a selfie: a hazy black-and-white shot of Kat smiling at the camera, hair swept to the side, bangs framing her kohl-lined eyes. " From then on, Kat's age became a term of endearment for the man, who said he was thirty-five. "You are 110 percent very special and it gives me melts of joy to see u sooo happy."The man grew increasingly eager to meet up, proposing they'd go "someplace elegant" for coffee and dessert, according to Kat's messages. Two men huddle in the middle of the restaurant: Brendon Brady, a skinny dude with a goatee and a blue streak down the front of his hair, and a stockier, middle-aged guy in a polo shirt who calls himself G-Man.

They had been emailing for two days when Kat decided to see how the man would react to the news. "I am almost sixteen :)" "So u are quite young," he wrote back, according to Kat's screenshots of the emails. But after an entire month of emails and cancelled plans, he settled for a Mc Donald's outside of Vancouver, Canada, where they both lived. Before leaving that night in November, according to her screenshots, he sent Kat a photo of himself: black suit, striped tie, purple pocket square. Brady and G-Man pull out their phones, turn the video recorders on, and make their move.

" "I've got over two million views on my Facebook," Raymond told one man as he accused him of trying to lure a 13-year-old girl.

"Everyone's going to know who the fuck you are, you pedophile fuck." Raymond's rude, rebellious spirit was contagious, and spinoffs soon spread to dozens of cities across Canada, with viewers cheering them on for exposing "goofs" and "skinners"—Canadian prison slang for pedophiles and child sex abusers.

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