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And, yes, ‘they’ are mainly white heterosexual men.” Bendix told me in a phone interview that Totally Her, which manages Evolve Media’s several dozen women-focused sites, intends to put more money toward their “mom and fashion” brands.Emrah Kovacoglu, Totally Her’s general manager, puts it like this: “Evolve Media acquired After from Viacom in October 2014 and proceeded to up the investment in the site by creating new features, franchises, and content to grow the site and its advertiser base.

Lesbians and queer women are more visible than ever in mainstream culture; nowadays, everyone’s got a crush on Kate Mc Kinnon.

Here, homophobia and misogyny work together to doubly screw us over: We don’t make as much money as men do (though we do make more than straight women), and we’re punished for it in a dearth of advertising that kills our cultural outlets.

was wholly dedicated to gay, bisexual, and queer women. There were painstaking updates on the whereabouts, career moves, and rumored love interests of minor queer celebrities like Clea Duvall, Hannah Hart, and Heather Matarazzo.

, and they aren’t happy that she’s spoken to other media outlets about it.

Her last day was supposed to be Friday, but now they’ve told her she’s fired immediately, without the three weeks’ severance she was promised.

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