Sending a message on a dating site

I send her the mirror message and ask her to show me my true reflection, from her perspective.The mirror message is friendly and shows I’m not holding any grudges.Well, think back to when you’ve seen other people with food in their teeth. It’s such a small thing but it stands out like crazy. In simple terms it means “we notice bad more than good”.They’re totally unaware that their last snack is on show whenever they smile or talk…. Our brains are wired this way because for thousands of years our survival depended on dodging danger. And it’s this negativity dominance – noticing the bad things first and foremost – that’s stopping girls on Tinder from liking you…Here’s the thing: you might be a great guy who’s good looking, interesting and smart, but if there’s just one thing you’re doing wrong then girls on Tinder will notice that bad quality above all else.girls you meet will be less likely to reject you if you can find out what your issue is. Deep down I wasn’t too different to what I am now, but on the surface I had “a cockroach in my bowl of cherries” that kept girls away. And I still do, but they’re not as big and scary as they were before.

So when a girl rejects me or isn’t interested, instead of getting stressed, anxious and losing confidence wondering what happened, I simply ask she did what she did…

Sound like some of this stuff might be happening to you?

If girls just seem to stop cold, ignore you altogether out of nowhere, or they never give you a chance to begin with, it might be just one simple thing that’s causing all of this..

If you’re struggling on Tinder, or with women in general, then this could be the most important article you’re ever going to read…Because I’m going to give you one simple message that could change you life.

From being a dateless loner to having 20 dates a month with high quality girls, the thing that literally transformed my life was What does that mean?

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