Updating bind serial numbers automatically

The problem was that as the Internet grew rapidly, so did the file causing it to become increasingly difficult to manage.

Moreover, the host names needed to be unique throughout the worldwide Internet.

With the growing size of the Internet it became more and more impractical to guarantee the uniqueness of a host name.

The need for such things as a hierarchical naming structure and distributed management of host names paved the way for the creation of a new networking protocol that was flexible enough for use on a global scale [ALIU].

What evolved from this is an Internet distributed database that maps the names of computer systems to their respective numerical IP network address(es). Important to the concept of the distributed database is delegation of authority.

An IP address is a 32-bit number that represents the location of the system on a network.Unfortunately many security weaknesses surround IP and the protocols carried by IP.The DNS is not immune to these security weaknesses.The Domain Name System (DNS) is vital to the Internet, providing a mechanism for resolving host names into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.Insecure underlying protocols and lack of authentication and integrity checking of the information within the DNS threaten the proper functionality of the DNS.

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